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Corporate Disclosure Certificate

What is it?

Have you ever wanted to know who really owns a business you are about to deal with? Who are the players? Where do they operate from? What year was the business really established?

A Corporate Disclosure certificate discloses all information about any CC or PTY LTD company in SA.

You will find information on :

  • Director /s or Director/s details
  • Date of inception
  • Business address
  • Postal address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Official business description
  • Accounting Officer/Accountant
  • If the business has applied to be liquidated.

You can contact one of our consultants directly on 078 624 5136 or you can also e-mail us on if you have any questions.

The cost of each certificate is R150 and will normally be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

Apply for Corporate Disclosure Certificate

Enter details of the person making the application. All fields are required.

Enter First Names :

Enter details of the business who's Corporate Disclosure Certificate you wish to obtain.

Name of business:

Please note : The business CK number is what we need to locate a Corporate Disclosure Certificate. However, if you only have a business name to go by, we will provide the certificate for the first matching query. If no such business exists in the database, you will still be charged R150 for the search.


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