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How to Amend a Company / CC

We can amend any details that you want to change on your company / close corporation.

1. Basic Company Amendment / CC Amendment 

Cost is R585 and the timeline is 3-5 working days.

You can do the following changes to your CC / Company :

1. Add/Resign members or directors
2. Change of addresses
3. Change of accounting officers
4. Change of member information, contribution, or interest percentage
or any combination of the above.


This excludes changing the name of the company or CC, which is a separate process explained below.


2. Change of CC Name (CK2) / Change of Company Name (COR15.2)

Cost is R835 and the timeline is 3-5 working days.

Fill in 4 names in our application form below. One name will be approved, and you will be notified instantly. We then proceed with the amendment of the CC / company name.


Step 1: Complete Amendment Application Forms

Download the following forms and submit amendment application via fax :

1. Download CC / Company Amendment Forms - Right click, Save Target As.

This manual Company / CC Amendment form allows you to amend a CC manually, i.e. download, print, fill in and fax forms back to us. 

2. Download Member's / Directors Resolution 

Resolution to use for a private company amendment : Director Resolution - Right click, Save Target As.

Resolution to use for a close corporation amendment : Member Resolution - Right click, Save Target As.

Please scan and email your documents through to us together with your proof of payment. Our Fax Number is 0866 033 204.

Step 2 : Payment of fee

Pay fee of  R585 for a normal amendment.

Add R835 for amendment of business name by Internet Transfer (EFT) / Bank deposit details below :

Bank Account Name QUICKCC
Account Number 621 2708 1892
Branch Code 220926
Amount to be paid R585 (Normal Amendment) or add R835 (with Name change)
Email your proof of payment to
Fax your proof of payment to 0866 033 204

We require payment upfront to proceed with registration. Payment for CC / company amendment must be done within 3 working days of submitting an application online.

Step 3 : Scan and email supporting documents to us

And finally,

We need you to scan and email / fax  the following documents :

  1. The completed Limited Power of Attorney form (see last page of application - sign it in blue pen)
  2. Clear Copies of ID Document of each member
  3. If you are changing your Accounting officer, to someone other than the free accounting officer supplied to you, include a letter from your New Accounting officer**

Scan to or fax to 0866 033 204.

We cannot amend your CC or private company without these documents!

**If you are using your own Accounting officer, please include their letter stating that he/she will act as an accounting officer for your CC (this is ONLY needed if you want to change accounting officers AND you are not using our accounting officer)

Please feel free to contact us : 078 624 5136 if you have any questions.



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