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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Register A Company?

Basically, it is an online application, or, if you prefer - we can email you a registration form to fill in and send back to us.

The simple requirements are that you must
•       fill in the form attached,
•      attach certified copy of ID of all directors,
•      and proof of payment (banking details are on page 1).

Scan and email everything to

 Retain the original documents in a safe place with your company records – the CIPC may request your original documents in the future.

The company registration process takes 10 working days to clear.

When Will I Know What Name Is Approved?

The entire registration process takes 10 working days to clear, but your business name will be approved within 5 working days.

So, you can do things like design your business cards, logos, website design, or billboards etc if you need to. You should consider applying for a trademark to protect the name further.

What Documents Are Required?

The basic documents we require are :

1.       Either online application, or filled in application form, faxed or emailed to us.

2.       Clear copies of all the members ID’s (must be clear copies- the photograph must be visible)

3.       Your proof of payment. You can make payment via credit card, or EFT (electronic funds transfer if you do internet banking) or do a direct deposit at any FNB branch across the country.

I Am A Foreign National.

Foreigners need only supply a certified copy of their passport. Scans and faxes are acceptable.

Why Is It Taking So Long?

 The CIPC systems are being upgraded, and we expect them to come online fully within the next 2 weeks. In the interim, we are still able to clear company name applications. The final company documents will be released on the CIPC system is online.

I need to open a bank account and get tax clearances for an urgent project.

Unfortunately, the timelines are very specific at the moment, the backlog is currently with the company document formation process itself – mainly due to it being upgraded.

We advise that you submit quickly as possible for the quickest turnaround time.

Must my ID document be certified?

Yes all ID documents submitted must be certified.

What is the worst case scenario for the timeline?

The longest a company document has taken from 1 May 2011 is approximately 5 weeks. Please plan ahead for that timeline!!

What is the Limited Power of Attorney? Do I Need An Attorney?

No, you do not need any attorney, “Limited Power of Attorney” is just the name of the form! Basically, it allows our accountant in Pretoria to register a company and sign all documents on your behalf. So you do not need an attorney to register a company. We will prepare all necessary documents for you.

Are There Any Hidden Costs? Will You Keep Me Updated On The Progress?

No hidden costs, this is a once-off fee of R950. We will update you twice a week until the company has been registered.

Can I Pay Via Credit Card?

Yes you can, once you have submitted an online application, the very next screen allows a person to make a credit card payment via MONSTERPAY.

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How To Register A Company?

When Will I Know What Name Was Approved?

What Documents Are Required?

I am A Foreign National

Why Is It Taking So Long?

I Need A Tax Clearance Certificate?

Must My ID Be Certified?

What is the Worst Case Scenario For the Timeline?

What is the Limited Power Of Attorney? Do I need an Attorney?

Are There Any Hidden Costs? Will You Keep Me Updated On The Progress?

Can I Pay With My Credit Card?

CC Registration

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